"PINK MOON"    oil on linen  9"x12"
"PINK MOON 2"   oil on linen   10"x10"
"PINK MOON 3"  gouache on paper  6"x9"
"FLOWER SUPER MOON"  casein on paper  8"x10"
"FLOWER SUPER MOON 2"  casein on paper  8"X8" 
"DURAND LAKE"  oil on paper  6"x8"
"DURAND LAKE 2"  oil on panel  6"x9"
"CHANGING SCENES 2" oil on panel  8"x8"
"HIGH FALLS FEBRUARY 2020"  oil on panel  6"x9"
"ZOO ROAD DURAND 2"   oil on paper   8"x8"
"ZOO ROAD DURAND"   oil on cradle    6"x8"    
"SNOW SUPER MOON 2"  oil on linen  8"x10"
"SNOW SUPER MOON"  oil on panel   5"x7"
"BRICKYARD TRAIL"  oil on paper  5.5" x 8"
"BRICKYARD TRAIL STREAM"  oil on paper  5"x7"
"KODAK TOWER"  oil on panel  5"x5"
"CHANGING SCENES" oil on panel  5"x5"
Most of these are still available. Please contact me for pricing. Thank You for browsing!
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