"Winter at Durand"  Encaustic Wax and oils  10"x10"  2021
"FORT HILL, CAPE COD"  Encaustic wax on panel  4"x10"  2020  framed
"Fort Hill"  Encaustic wax on panel  4"x10"  2020 Framed
"Finger Lakes Pass"  Encaustic wax over casein on panel  6"x8"  2021
"WINONA WOODS"  6"x6"  2019  SOLD
"TWILIGHT"  10" x 20"  2019  Framed
"DUSK"  8"x10"  2019 framed
"SHORE II"  5"x7"  2019   SOLD
"Red Trees 2", 8"x8" Rochester, 2018
"Red Trees 3", 8"x8" Rochester, 2018
"Red trees Utopia", 8"x8"  Rochester, 2018   SOLD
"Red Trees", 8"x8"  Rochester, 2017
"Stone Wall" , Ireland, 2017
"Orange Sky", 5"x7"  Rochester, 2017
"Pink sky trees", 5"x7"  Rochester, 2017

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